Have you ever lost your checked luggage?

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sign-43978_640I once checked in my luggage at the Malmö SAS terminal.

You might wonder where Malmö is located? It’s a city in the south of Sweden, very close to Denmark.

This was in the pre-Öresundsbridge days (the dark, loomy bridge featured in “Broen/Bron” – the Danish/Swedish original TV series that is now copied as “The Bridge” in USA/Mexico and “The Tunnel” in Britain/France).

In those days one could travel on a flight ticket with a hovercraft over the Öresund strait and then continue from Copenhagen.
My flight was Copenhagen-Los Angeles.

Well you guessed right, and it wasn’t fun running around under the Californian summer sun, dressed in my uniform pants and shoes and a borrowed T-shirt trying to find something to wear for the remaining 48 hours.

Unless you have payed your trip with a gold /platinum credit card that will allow you to go on a serious shopping spree within a few hours, chances are you wouldn’t be that thrilled either.

So can we prevent our checked bags from going walkabout?

And if they do, how do we make sure they get returned asap?

Stay tuned and I will talk about this in more depth the next time.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever lost your checked luggage?”

    1. I don’t think that there’s too many that will be interested in buying your e-cigarettes after looking at your blog post. It’s just a large chunk of text.
      This can be interesting information about the check-in restriction, though.

      But for info:
      there’s already now a ban on checking in spare lithium cell batteries, and you may only have a maximum of two spare lithium batteries in your carry-on. This is regardless if they’re for your e-cigarette, cell phone, camera etc.

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