What your airline don’t tell you about how to prevent your luggage from being lost!

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W20090529102hen you’re going to our condos in Tropical Sunset on Anna Maria Island, there’s really not much you need to bring – A backpack with a toothbrush and swimming gear might  be sufficient for your stay.  🙂

However, most of our guests seem to bring their suitcases and a large portion of those will be checking them in at an airport. So how do you spare yourselves the hassles of lost luggage on this (or other) trips?

Try these tips to avoid being parted with your belongings or make the retrieval as fast as possible if you do:

1. Always assume that your luggage will get lost. luggage-band
That means not checking in anything that you cannot replace at your destination. Keys and medication come to mind. Airlines will not reimburse lost electronics or jewellery either.

2. Remove old tags. The tags from your previous trips might very well confuse the luggage sorting system and increase the risk of your bag ending up at the wrong airport. This includes bar code stickers on your bags.

3. Tag your bags with multiple forms of ID.  Just as destination tags can get ripped off in the process of loading/unloading, identification tags can fall off too.  A good quality, permanent tag with your home address and telephone number(s) has the best chance of staying on the bag, but I’ve seen them too lay on the ground beside the airplane. A cheap paper tag that you find at the check-in counter,  can complement your permanent tag, never replace it!

4. Put an itinerary inside your bag. Put you entire itinerary, not just your flight itinerary, inside your bag. If you are staying in a hotel room that someone else reserved, you may not be registered for the room. Write down the name that your room is listed under. Put your cell phone number on the itinerary if you will have that phone with you.

6. Take pictures of your bags. The first thing you’ll be asked when you file a missing baggage report is for a description of your bags. Therefore, snap a picture with your smartphone before you leave home. Also, having pictures of your bag and its contents can help you to obtain compensation from the airlines and any credit cards you may have used to charge your flights.

7. Check the three letter destination on your tag when you check in. Bags have sometimes been tagged as belonging to another group, so an extra check is always a good idea.

8. Make your bag stand out.  Do you know howspooky suitcase many black Samsonites that are out there?! Unfortunately people will sometimes take the wrong bag or outright steal one.  The chance of this diminishes if you have an unique bag that you will spot immediately when it comes on the carousel. It’s also easier to describe in case you forgot to take a picture. If you don’t buy an unique suitcase, stickers, big tags, ribbons around the handle etc will help you find your bag easily.

9. Never, EVER, check your medication!! Not only because the bag could be lost, but because you might need it during the flight!


If you read my previous post, you might wonder what happened to my bag?

It had been checked in together with the previous party’s bags.

It had a nice detour to Fidji and arrived in Malmö 3 days after I had returned from Los Angeles 🙂

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