The Insider’s Guide to AMI Restaurants

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It’s hard to keep a secret on Anna Maria Island. The island is just too small!
But even if you’ve been to AMI many times, you might have missed some of these:

It’s not easy to find a decent Mexican style restaurant anywhere. Poppo’s uses fresh organic ingredients and antibiotic/hormone free meats.

Made to your specifications. Expect to wait while they are made, lines are often long. But the reward is amazingly fresh donuts that just may redefine how a great donut is supposed to taste!
You fill out an order with the preferred icing and topping or choose one of the ready made combinations on the bottom of the order form. (My favorite is the Key Lime).
Just be aware that their opening hours are 7AM to 1PM, Tue – Sun.

Probably one of the best priced restaurants on the island for what you get served. Many locals consider their rack of ribs to be the best on AMI. 

This restaurant is also mentioned on the “outsider’s list”, but I thought it might be in order to highlight their breakfast, which is a wonderful way to start the day. At $12 (2014 price) their Seafood Omelette is the most expensive on the breakfast menu, and it is really a great option if you like seafood!
They open at 8am which is later than most breakfast places on the island.

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